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Customer Reviews & Stories

We had our RV fixed in Belgrade Montana. The fix did not hold up very well and we pulled into Great Falls and this shop was highly recommended. They not only repaired our RV but they also stored it for us for three weeks while we finished one of our family trip to Anchorage. I would recommend this place over anybody in the area. Their staff is extremely helpful and easy to deal with.

—Marty Davis (Google)

We appreciate the good service you provide, our last job replacing brake pads was done in no time and you always try to work on our car even when we don't make an appointment, thanks for taking the time to explain things to us, we've been going to your shop for years and will continue to recommend you to others.

—John And Marina Tuckerman

The guys did a quick and accurate job finding my oil leak and Northern Hydraulics was quick to repair it.

—Randy Knowles

We appreciate your prompt service and always able to answer any of our questions.

—John And Marina Tuckerman

We took a used car in for inspection to make sure it would be worth our purchase. For a reasonable price, they checked everything over, gave us a list of what they found, and what they recommended. They also included an estimate for all of their recommendations. That helped us feel more confident in the price we negotiated for the vehicle.

—Ken & Kim Smith

Very professional , the work was done on time, I like that, and I will take it back as soon as I need to. I am very happy with them, and recomend them to anyone.

—Mark Reed

Five Star. FMS made sure the parts were correct and then installed our new wipers and they are working as well as they could work.

Thank you.

—Larry Bright

The guys at Fleet Maintanence are the best! The are friendly, honest, and professional and I appreciate the services that they provide!

Thank you again, Fleet!

—Ron & Dawn Maurer

"Fantastic shop that provides quality service. If in the Great Falls Area I would highly recommend you give James a call. Professional, pleasant, and easy to talk to. "

—Natalie K.

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