When Good Tires Go Bad

You bought a new set of tires not too long ago. You go to have them rotated at 6,000 miles as you’re supposed to and you’re told the tread is wearing down too fast and unevenly. How can this be happening? What causes good tires to go bad quickly? Willoughby Hills Auto Repair explains how tires can wear down faster than their anticipated lifespan under the following conditions.

Improper Inflation

Your tires will wear down quicker and unevenly if they are not kept properly inflated. Damage can occur if they are 2-percent underinflated, so you don’t have much room for error. Check your air pressure every other fill up to make sure the tires don’t need air and have your wheels balanced every oil change. Unbalanced or misaligned wheels can also damage tires prematurely.

Mechanical Problems

If your wheel bearings are worn or your ball joints are damaged, this, too, can affect the lifespan of your tires. Have your suspension checked every 15,000 miles to make sure all is well. Included in a vehicle’s suspension are the wheels, shocks and struts among other crucial parts. These parts affect how well your vehicle grips the road and handles. Suspension trouble can mean tire trouble.

Wrong Tire Type

Don’t put snow tires on unless you absolutely need them. Don’t use tires too big or too small for your vehicle’s suspension, no matter how much you want to trick your ride. Tires are designed for specific applications and when you install tires not designed for your driving application and vehicle, they will wear down prematurely and could damage your wheels and suspension.

Rough Roads

Even if you’re faithful about keeping your tires properly inflated, have them rotated and balanced every 6,000 miles, maintain your suspension and have the right tire size and type on your vehicle, if you drive on crummy roads every day your tires are going to wear down faster. There’s nothing you can do to avoid road damage. Your tires are made to withstand a lot but are not invincible.


Nobody is perfect and tires manufacturers aren’t either. Rarely, a person may get stuck with a bad tire or tires off the assembly line. Even though manufacturers perform quality checks on their tires, something can still go wrong during the manufacturing process. In most cases, the manufacturer will alert drivers if there is a batch problem. Sometimes, however, you just end up with a bad tire.

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